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Havok Physics
for Unity

A fully production ready physics implementation by Havok for free

Fast, stable, reliable

Through a close partnership with the Unity engineering team, Havok is excited to offer a fully production ready implementation of Havok Physics available from the Unity Package Manager.

Fully featured

Havok Physics for Entities builds on the ECS framework and is backed by the Havok Physics engine written in native C++.

This is a first-class integration for DOTS-based projects sharing the same data model used by Unity Physics, meaning developers can seamlessly select between simulating their scene using Unity Physics or Havok Physics, without needing to re-author their assets.

The benefits of using Havok Physics for Unity

  • Stable stacking of physics bodies.
  • Minimal artifacts where there are fast-moving physics bodies.
  • More controlled behavior in general, especially when you are working with non-optimized collision geometry.

To learn more about the Havok Physics for Unity package, check out Unity’s blog post announcing the news or visit Unity’s documentation for Havok Physics for Unity (and the changelogs as well).

Unity has also created their own tutorial to get you started with Havok Physics for Unity.


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