Havok® Global Support

The Havok product line is obviously great, but what really sets Havok apart is their fantastic support.  Havok is there every step of the way ensuring we get the most out of its technology.  Here at Relic, we consider our Havok support engineers as a part of the team.
–Jerry Edsall, Principal Engineer, Relic


Havok’s Developer Support teams in Europe, North America and Japan work with some of the world’s best known game developers. Together, we have shipped over 600 game titles. Havok’s proactive support is proven by solid testimonials, and long-term partnerships with leading game industry publishers, technology leaders, and hardware creators. Our dedicated account managers carefully monitor projects from pre-production to release to ensure our customers unleash the full potential of their licensed Havok technologies. Onsite support is also available for additional help, or training. In addition to our global support team, Havok’s support portal provides access to comprehensive reference guides and information to keep you up-to-date.

Havok Developer Support Portal

Get all the latest information on:

  • Product releases
  • Product road maps
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  • Known issues and common use cases
Havok Licensed Middleware Support:
Login profiles to the support portals are available to licensed developers only. If you have lost your login details please contact us for help.