Product Showcase

Havok in AAA Games

For more than 15 years the world’s best videogame developers have selected Havok middleware to help unlock their creativity and to push back gaming boundaries. With over 500 games having Havok middleware at their core, Havok has become the leading choice for AAA studios across the globe.

Games Made With Havok

Title Products Publisher Skus
Halo: Reach Physics; Animation Microsoft Studios Xbox360;
Tumble Physics; Animation Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS3;
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Physics THQ Inc. PS2
Hard Reset Physics; Animation Flying Wild Hog PC; Windows;
Evil Dead: Regeneration Physics THQ Inc. PC; Windows; PS2; Xbox
London Racer Physics Davilex PC; Windows; PS2
Heavenly Sword Physics; Animation Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS3;
Company of Heroes Physics THQ Inc. PC; Windows
Puppeteer Animation; Physics Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS3
Wasteland Angel Vision Engine
Pirates of Black Cove Vision Engine PC
Guitar Hero 5 Physics; Animation Activision Blizzard Xbox360; PC; Windows; PS3
Dead Rising Physics CAPCOM CO., LTD. Xbox360;
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Physics; Animation CAPCOM CO., LTD. Xbox360;
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Physics; Animation EA PS3; PC; Windows; Xbox360; PS2
Hot Rod: American Street Drag Physics Valusoft PC; Windows;
Saints Row Physics THQ Inc. Xbox360;
Bioshock (iOS) Animation; Physics iOS
Guild Wars 2 AI; Physics NCsoft Corporation MMO; Xbox360
Carnival Games Physics Cat Daddy Games Wii;
Stuntman: Ignition Physics; Animation THQ Inc. Xbox360; Wii; PS3; PS2
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn Animation SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. PC; Windows; PS3; PS4
Guitar Hero: World Tour Physics; Animation Activision Blizzard PS3; PC; Windows; Xbox360
Rettungswagen Simulator 2012 Vision Engine astragon Software GmbH
Elemental: War of Magic Animation Stardock Corporation PC; Windows;