Product Showcase

Havok in AAA Games

For more than 15 years the world’s best videogame developers have selected Havok middleware to help unlock their creativity and to push back gaming boundaries. With over 500 games having Havok middleware at their core, Havok has become the leading choice for AAA studios across the globe.

Games Made With Havok

Title Products Publisher Skus
Battlefield 3 Physics; Destruction EA PC; Windows; Xbox360; PS3
Kinect Sports Season 2 Animation; Animation Studio; Physics Microsoft Studios Xbox360
IHF Handball Challenge 12 Vision Engine
Orcs must die Vision Engine PC
Shrek SuperSlam Physics Activision Blizzard PS2; GameCube; Xbox; PC; Windows
Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Script 2K Games PC; Windows
Shaun White Skateboarding Physics Ubisoft Entertainment Xbox360; PC; Windows; PS3
Disaster: Day of Crisis Physics; Animation Nintendo Co. LTD. Wii;
Siren: Blood Curse Physics; Animation Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS3;
The Eye of Judgement Physics; Animation Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS3;
Vision Engine
Medal of Honor: Warfighter Destruction; Physics EA PC; Windows; PS3; Xbox360
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 Physics Activision Minneapolis PS3; Wii; WiiU; Xbox360
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Physics; Vision Engine Black Forest Games PC; Windows; PS3; Xbox360
Elemental: Fallen Enchantress Animation; Physics Stardock Corporation PC; Windows
Celebrity Sports Showdown Physics EA Wii;
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Physics; Animation Ubisoft Entertainment Wii; PSP
Conan Physics; Animation THQ Inc. PS3; Xbox360
EA Playground Physics EA Wii;
Skylanders Giants Animation; Physics Activision Publishing PS3; Wii; WiiU; Xbox360
Fable II Physics; Animation Microsoft Studios Xbox360;
Far Cry 2 Physics; Animation Ubisoft Entertainment PS3; Xbox360; PC; Windows
Marvel Super Hero Squad Physics THQ Inc. Wii; PSP; PS2
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Physics; Animation THQ Inc. PS3; Xbox360
Carnival Games: Mini-Golf Physics Take 2 Wii;