Havok PhysicsTM


Engine Integrations

Havok Physics provides world–class physics solutions for real–time applications. More than half of the best–selling titles this console–cycle use core Havok runtime, and our goal is to make Havok Physics available to even more developers and platforms. To further this effort, we have partnered with both Epic Games and Unity to integrate our physics system into their engines.

For existing licensees of Unreal Engine 4, you can find the latest integration available through their official Perforce distribution. The integration also requires that you have access to the Havok SDK, so please contact us to start an evaluation.

We are working closely with Unity to develop an officially supported Havok Physics integration for Unity. This integration will be made available later in 2019.

Interactive Worlds Demand Havok Physics

Havok’s award–winning rigid body physics engine is the most optimized, stable, and widely used piece of middleware in the games industry today. Havok Physics has been a core part of production pipelines for almost two decades, and our game development partners continue to push and refine the technology.

Robust Dynamics & Constraint Solving

Stable and robust, highly optimized

Supports a large variety of different constraint types including industry-leading solutions for ragdolls & vehicles

Includes constraint motors, customizable constraints, chain constraints, and breakable constraints

Battle–Tested Collision Detection

Most robust, fully featured, and battle–tested collision detection technology available

Optimized and flexible collision detection pipeline

Continuous detection for environments, characters, and vehicles

Complete Production–Ready Tool Chain

Extensible asset conditioning pipeline with full Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya plug–in support

Built on advanced reflection and serialization systems

Advanced versioning system ensures backward compatibility support for all data & assets

Visual Debugger

Displays and records in–depth profiling and debugging data across all supported platforms

Fine–grained, real–time multi–threaded performance data shows exactly where cycles are spent across all cores of the target system

Data can be recorded and sent for analysis by dedicated Havok support engineers

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