Havok AITM


Reactive Navigation Demands Havok AI

Havok AI provides real time adaptive–navigation for characters in highly dynamic environments. Its navigation mesh generation and optimized runtime performance help developers create NPCs who can understand and intelligently react to the world around them.

Full Featured Pathfinding Solution

Highly multithreaded runtime supports large–scale worlds with thousands of characters

Built from the ground up to react in real time for dynamically changing environments

Tracks characters throughout navigation and adaptively re-optimizes their trajectories for each frame

Offers exact wall–clock time slicing to adapt to any processing time budget

Configurable character capabilities and filtering to fit any character type

Runtime clearance calculation allows characters of any radius to use a single navigation mesh

High Speed Automatic Navigation Mesh Generation

Highly optimized, fully multithreaded generator creates navigation meshes for game levels in seconds

Exact rational arithmetic kernel produces clean, robust results from arbitrarily complex geometry—without compromising performance

Easily integrated into existing tool chains while designed to understand and work with your level data

Fully customizable to support an unlimited variety of navigation use–cases

Automatic markup of jumping, vaulting, and climbing opportunities

Separate generator for 3D navigation data supports swimming and flying characters

Streaming & Instancing

Efficiently streams areas in and out of the simulation to support unbounded world sizes

Hierarchical pathfinding allows approximate paths even through unloaded world areas

Low–cost instancing of navigation data supports both independent world shards and adaptive level tiles

Character Steering & Collision Avoidance

High–quality collision avoidance reacts to complex situations with intelligent, human–like steering

Supports squads and formations, keeping characters organized while keeping them flexible

Designed to work with complex, animation–driven character controllers

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