Life at Havok®

For those who enjoy solving challenging software engineering problems, the games middleware space is one of the most exciting places to be. At the cutting edge of where research meets real-world requirements, this month’s clever idea is next year’s awesome new game feature.


At Havok

  • Work on the cutting edge of innovation in game development on cross platform AAA titles
  • Work in small focused teams of highly motivated and talented engineers
  • Work in a professional stable development environment that is not subject to the long periods of crunch time typically associated with game development
  • Work closely with some of the best games teams in the industry such as EA, Sony, Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Bungie, Guerrilla, and DICE

The Work: We design and implement new algorithms, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in real-time, to give programmers the most powerful possible toolset in their game engine. We at Havok take the time to develop things properly. We make tools tackling the problems posed by modern content creation, empowering artists to produce living, breathing characters and dynamic worlds. We tweak and tune the lowest level code to give the smoothest gaming experience on each and every platform. We cover everything from design, coding, implementation right through to QA and documentation. This is what we do every day here at Havok, and we can’t help but have a blast doing it.

The Environment: We work in small teams of engineers, each engineer is expected to take responsibility to hugely influence the products they work on. Our small engineering teams operate with a large degree of autonomy. We are not subject to the long periods of crunch time typically associated with game development, as our release structure is slightly different to a games studio. As we are not reliant on one single game for success, we offer a very stable environment.


On a Day-To-Day Basis: We have modern, excellently located spacious open plan offices worldwide – each with the very latest equipment and IT infrastructure. We enjoy great office “perks” and our staff breakout rooms are set up with an next gen consoles and all the latest games to play. In addition to this, we subsidize the purchase of a console for employee use at home.

The People: Havok has always been proud to have attracted some of the smartest folks in the business. Our recruitment process is rigorous, but ensures we hire the very best. Many of the original team is still here guiding development, and the in-house expertise we possess is second to none. We are still passionate about games and eager to engage. The easy-going open culture Havok has maintained through the years is a source of great pride. Our office layout is open-plan (no cubicles here!), so engineering, developer relations, artists and dev-ops sit side by side with our VPs and team leads.

The Balance: It’s not all work, work, work at Havok! As well as the enjoyment of making great code during the day, Havok actively supports leisure activities away from the office. Company excursions have included mountain biking, go-karting, summer barbeques, casino night and Karaoke. We do of course also manage to do the odd Friday night out in the pub, and competitive nights of playing Left 4 Dead!

The Culture: We provide each of our engineers with an opportunity to make a real impact on our environment, our business and the direction of our market leading product. We have a stable, supportive environment where you will have career, travel, and research opportunities. Havok’s management is informal and approachable and employee input is openly encouraged. We value our employee’s opinions and work hard at keeping communication lines open both top down and bottom up. We hire people based on their talent and potential to contribute so if you think you have what it takes we want to hear from you.


The Tech:  Havok products are used by professional games developers at all levels and across all genres which means there is always a new challenge ahead. We work on everything from exotic new multicore, SIMD instructions and memory layouts to custom compilers and IDEs. We work hardest to get up to speed, to make the code that will make the next generation, truly next generation.

The Customers: Our position in the industry and the trust and respect from our clients allows us to work closely with games teams from the early stages of their projects. Havok engineers will find themselves advising and brainstorming, as well as actively going onsite to work with artists and engineers, both getting a glimpse of, and actively shaping the future of games. We partner with some of best studios in the industry such as EA, Sony, Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Bungie, Guerrilla, and DICE.