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Havok Physics
for Unreal

More than 20 years of physics excellence brought to your game. Validated by the best of the best, Havok Physics for Unreal can handle whatever your team throws at it.

Worlds big and small

Modern games are growing larger in scale and smaller in detail. Havok Physics for Unreal is here to make sure they are highly performant regardless of size.

Havok Physics for Unreal is highly customisable allowing you to cater to your own unique use cases.

Established Support

Havok Physics for Unreal comes with a full support offering. From the moment you engage with us we can help you smash through technical decisions using our expertise built up over the years working on every kind of game.

Our Developer Relations teams are on hand to help whether it’s early decisions on direction or late in production panic. We’re here to help you make your game as  successful as it can be.

Performance and stability

Havok Physics for Unreal is the most stable and performant offering available today repeatedly beating other options in comparative tests.

Havok Physics for Unreal is maintained across all major platforms so you get high performance wherever your game is played.

Visual Debugger

Whether you need to analyze the performance or behavior of Havok Physics for Unreal in your game or capture a scenario to send to us for additional support, Havok Physics for Unreal tightly integrates with the Havok Visual Debugger tool to empower you with rich capturing, profiling and debugging abilities.

Key Features

Boost performance without changing content

  • Replaces Chaos Rigid bodies
  • Easily switch between physics engines
  • Supports vehicles, destruction, and character physics
  • Works alongside Chaos cloth, flesh, and fluids

Extra features to do more with physics

  • Accurate convex decomposition
  • Fast and realistic physics for Niagara
  • Natural motion with aerodynamics

Fast and memory-efficient

  • Build dynamic and destructible environments
  • Create intelligent actors with fast queries
  • Scale to large worlds and unscripted gameplay

Full access to the Havok Physics API

  • Highly customizable collision response
  • Extended physical material properties
  • Multithreaded event callbacks

To learn more about Havok Physics for Unreal and see if you’re eligible for an evaluation, tell us about your project and your goals and we’ll follow up with you.

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