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Havok Navigation
for Unreal

Havok Navigation for Unreal brings fast adaptive pathfinding to your game. Populate your world with NPCs who can react to the ever-changing world around them.

Complex dynamic worlds

Get a clear understanding of how your characters move in highly dynamic environments with this powerful tool.

Game worlds are constantly changing, from falling rocks to moving platforms, have your NPCs react to their dynamic environments with human-like steering.


Havok Navigation for Unreal gives you everything you need to populate your game with NPCs, with customizable controllers and flexible interfaces, you can make the world your way.

Established Support

Havok Navigation for Unreal comes with a full support offering. From the moment you engage with us we can help you traverse technical decisions using our expertise built up over the years working on every kind of game.

Our Developer Relations teams are on hand to help whether it’s early decisions on direction or late in production panic. We’re here to help you make your game as  successful as it can be.

Visual Debugger

Whether you need to analyze the performance or behavior of Havok Navigation for Unreal in your game or capture a scenario to send to us for additional support, Havok Navigation for Unreal tightly integrates with the Havok Visual Debugger tool to empower you with rich capturing, profiling and debugging abilities.

Key Features

Full-featured pathfinding and steering solution

  • Built from the ground up to react in real time to dynamically changing environments
  • Tracks characters throughout navigation and adaptively re-optimizes their trajectories for each frame
  • Offers exact wall-clock time slicing to adapt to any processing time budget
  • Configurable character capabilities and filtering to fit any character type
  • Runtime clearance calculation allows characters of any radius to use a single navigation mesh, or radius can be baked in during mesh generation for optimized runtime performance

High-speed navigation generation and traversal markup

  • Highly optimized, fully multithreaded generator creates navigation meshes for game levels in seconds
  • Exact rational arithmetic kernel produces clean, robust results from arbitrarily complex geometry—without compromising performance
  • Automatic markup of jumping, vaulting, and climbing opportunities
  • Separate generator for 3D navigation data supports swimming and flying characters

Built for Large Worlds

  • Efficiently streams areas in and out of the simulation to support vast open worlds
  • Highly multithreaded runtime supports large-scale worlds with large numbers of characters
  • Out of the box support for World Partitions, Level Instances, and Data Layers
  • Hierarchical pathfinding allows for faster pathfinds over greater distances
  • Global region pruning to eliminate inaccessible areas even when working with large interconnected streaming sections

Deep Unreal Character Integration

  • Robust and customizable AI Controllers and Path Following Components
  • Built-in replacements for navigation Behavior Tree and Blueprint nodes
  • Fast nav mesh and 3D nav volume EQS queries and tests

To learn more about Havok Navigation for Unreal and see if you’re eligible for an evaluation, tell us about your project and your goals and we’ll follow up with you.

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