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Havok for Unreal Engine 5.4 released!

May 10, 2024
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May 10, 2024 hkadmin

Havok for Unreal Engine 5.4 released!

We aim to release an updated Havok integration within 2 weeks of an Unreal Engine drop so you can stay as up to date as you want to be. On top of the updated engine version we’ve also added a bunch of new functionality to use in your games.  

With this release of our integrations Havok Cloth has added support for Chaos Fields. This allows for a more seamless integration into the Unreal Editor allowing Havok Cloth actors to naturally react to Chaos Field forces such as wind.   

The Havok Navigation integration continues to improve its performance profile at both tool-time and runtime with the 5.4-havok-2023.2 release.

Large performance improvements have been made to nav mesh generation time for scenes containing heightfields and for cross border traversal analysis. Additionally, newly exposed options for pathfinding queries has allowed for improved EQS pathfinding test performance 

The Havok Physics direct solver for constraints is now exposed in Unreal Engine. The direct solver helps to prevent systems of constraints like ragdolls from separating or stretching apart when the bodies are subjected to strong forces. 

These are just a handful of highlights; for more information please reach out to us by requesting an evaluation!