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Havok Cloth
for Unreal

Realise your artistic vision with complete control. Have your world wear Havok Cloth for Unreal from skirts and cloaks to foliage and hair.

Artist control

Let your artists have control of every aspect of your cloth simulation, fine grain control from start to finish to achieve their exact vision.

Fully multithreaded and highly optimized with built in support for minimal memory footprints, Havok Cloth for Unreal lets you create without worrying about performance.

Flexible Toolchain

From custom actions to writing custom wizards and scripts to semi-automate cloth asset generation, Havok Cloth for Unreal offers a fully flexible toolchain that works with you create iconic characters.

Established Support

Havok Cloth for Unreal comes with a full support offering. From the moment you engage with us we can help you weave through technical decisions using our expertise built up over the years working on every kind of game.

Our Developer Relations teams are on hand to help whether it’s early decisions on direction or late in production panic. We’re here to help you make your game as successful as it can be.

Visual Debugger

Whether you need to analyze the performance or behavior of Havok Cloth for Unreal in your game or capture a scenario to send to us for additional support, Havok Cloth for Unreal tightly integrates with the Havok Visual Debugger tool to empower you with rich capturing, profiling and debugging abilities

Key Features

Art-direct your cloth

  • Our in-editor tweaking allows fine-tune cloth behavior for different scenarios such as cinematics or gameplay action
  • Take advantage of our stability and recovery features for more fidelity and control
  • Use aerodynamic wind and air-resistance or create your own effects
  • Flexible deformation pipeline – cloth simulation can deform render mesh directly, or drive skeletal animation

Get great performance

  • Optimized constraint solver
  • Fast collisions with Havok physics and animated collidables
  • Granular control over cloth simulation – only pay for the parts you need

Create iconic characters

  • Realize your artist vision and create believable behavior for a broad range of clothing types as well as rigid and soft-body physical objects
  • Create new and captivating behavior effects using our artist-controlled cloth composition like cloth layering, attachments, and accessories

Modeler-based set-up tools

  • Allows artists to quickly animate believable behaviors for character garments and environmental cloth
  • Supports standard polygon modeling tools that enable you to work in the environments most familiar to you
  • Modeler plug-ins allow you to flag meshes as Havok Cloth objects, create and associate collision detection primitives, and specify cloth properties using vertex color painting for per-vertex  properties

To learn more about Havok Cloth for Unreal Engine and see if you’re eligible for an evaluation, tell us about your project and your goals and we’ll follow up with you.

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