Havok Behavior™ Leads The Charge in Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising

Codemasters engages Havok character and physics technology in its recently-released, immersive modern combat experience

San Francisco, CA (October 4, 2009) – Havok™, the premier provider of interactive software and services to digital creators in the games and movie industries, today announced that the company’s award-winning Behavior, Animation, and Physics products were used to power the genre-defining military conflict simulator Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising. Published by Codemasters and developed internally by Codemasters Studios, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is available for PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system and PC and features Havok Behavior™, as well as Havok Animation™ and Havok Physics™ to create a deep, engaging and believable war game.

“As the preferred technology provider for multi-platform game developers worldwide, Havok is pleased to have provided the world class development team at Codemasters Studios with the technological support required to achieve its creative vision in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising,” said David O’Meara, Managing Director, Havok. “Havok’s portfolio of tools and technology speeds overall game development while delivering a truly believable gameplay experience for consumers.”

“Havok’s integrated character and physics technology allowed us to explore a range of new ideas and features for the characters and environments within Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising,” said Sion Lenton, Executive Producer, Codemasters. “Thanks to Havok’s technology and dedicated customer support, paired with our proprietary EGO development platform, we were to create the game’s gritty, modern war experience with remarkable effectiveness.”

Now featured in over 250 games featuring its technology, Havok continuously aims to provide technology that reaches new standards of believability and interactivity in today’s leading video games and movies.

The company’s industry-leading Havok Physics adds an extra level of integrity and believability to games while freeing production time by eliminating design limitations. Havok Animation is a fast, flexible animation SDK that provides a rich set of general purpose animation blending, inverse kinematics, and real-time mirroring and mapping capabilities for game characters. Finally, the Havok Behavior tool and SDK helps users rapidly compose game-playable behaviors that provide immediate “what you see is what you get” results on every major game-platform available. Havok’s suite of products works hand-in-hand to create stunning and jaw-dropping gaming experiences.

About Havok
Havok™was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1998, and is the premier provider of interactive software and services for digital media creators in the games and movie industries. Havok works in partnership with the world’s best-known game developers, including Microsoft®, Nintendo® and Sony®. Havok’s cross-platform, professionally supported technology is available for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, PSP®, Wii™, and PC Games for Windows®. Havok’s combination of superior technology and dedication to delivering for its customers has led to the company’s technologies being used in nearly 250 of the world’s best-known game titles, including Assassin’s Creed®, Bioshock and Halo® 3. Havok products have also been used to drive special effects in movies such as Quantum of Solace, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix™, and The Matrix. Havok has offices in Dublin, San Francisco, San Antonio, Calcutta, Munich, and Tokyo. For more information on Havok, visit www.havok.com.

About Codemasters
Codemasters is a leading developer and publisher of best-selling interactive entertainment products for a global audience across multiple gaming platforms and channels. The company’s dominant brands include Colin McRae DiRT, Race Driver GRID, Overlord and Operation Flashpoint; the company retains the exclusive worldwide video game rights to FORMULA 1. With a heritage of over 20 years as a video game publishing and development operation, titles created at its multi-site studios are now published and distributed to over 70 countries. Recent years have represented a growth period for Codemasters Studios: 2007 saw the introduction of its development technology – the EGO Engine – to power the award-winning Colin McRae: DiRT. The EGO Engine now forms the basis of Codemasters’ entire internal development slate, including the BAFTA Award-winning Race Driver: GRID, the best-selling tactical shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and the next generation of FORMULA 1 games. Codemasters is headquartered in Warwickshire UK, with North American operations based in Universal City, Calif. The company also maintains operations in Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Benelux and Malaysia. Codemasters receives over two million visitors to its web site every month, discover why at www.codemasters.com

About Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is the complete antithesis of the on-rails, run-and-gun shooter. Players are empowered with the freedom to handle military crisis situations on their own initiative, deploying the weaponry, vehicles and equipment of a contemporary fighting force. In Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gamers play the decisive role in defusing a military flashpoint between two global superpowers that threatens the entire world. Players take the role of US Marines and Special Forces operatives dispatched to take back the oil-rich Russian island of Skira from an invading force of Chinese PLA. The 220km² island of Skira becomes the ultimate open-world battlefield as players are empowered to make their own choices, deploy their own tactics and fight war on their own terms. Objectives are set – how they are accomplished is always up to the player who has the full resources of the US Marine Corps at their disposal and the ability to attack from any direction. Intelligent squad and enemy AI, based on authentic military tactics, react in real-time to situations as they unfold to ensure that no two games will ever play out the same. Players become immersed in a stunningly realistic conflict with unprecedented levels of detail, freedom and authenticity. Every decision counts, every action has a consequence and every bullet can kill as Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising recreates the lethality, tension and adrenaline of real war like never before.