Havok AI and Havok Physics Power Award-Winning Guild Wars 2 from NC Soft

SAN FRANCISCO – August 28, 2012 – Havok, a leading provider of game development technology, licensed its Havok AI and Havok Physics software for NCsoft® and ArenaNet’s launch of Guild Wars 2®. With the help of Havok AI and Havok Physics technologies, Guild Wars 2 was able to scale thousands of players on a single server.

Guild Wars 2 has set itself apart from other MMO games by allowing players to directly influence the state of the world through gameplay and player interactions, providing different experiences for each gamer. Since the initial announcement of Guild Wars 2, the game has received numerous awards and accolades including being selected as one of IGN and GameSpot’s “Most Anticipated Games of 2012,” and also nominated by G4 as “Best MMO of 2012.”

“Guild Wars 2 changes the MMO playing field as we know it and we are excited to be a part of such an innovative title,” said Brian Waddle, VP of Sales and Marketing at Havok. “Our dedicated team worked closely with ArenaNet to make sure that they got the most out of Havok AI and Havok Physics to support highly dynamic environments and gameplay for the most vibrant gaming experience.”

ArenaNet was able to utilize Havok AI to generate a diverse set of navigable spaces in a large, dynamic, open world. The engine scaled well to support the magnitude of their worlds while keeping the memory footprint low through streaming and instancing. Havok Physics was leveraged for basic character movement as well as more dynamic and complex behaviors like those seen during action-oriented combat.

“Three years ago, we were one of the first customers to adopt Havok AI,” said Brett Vickers, Lead Programmer of Guild Wars 2. “Over that time, we’ve worked closely with Havok’s technical team to ensure we were getting the most from the technology and to provide feedback which helped the technology mature. It has really been a mutually beneficial partnership.”

For further information, developers can visit www.havok.com.

About Havok
As a leading provider of games development technologies, Havok™ has over 12 years of experience servicing the most demanding technology requirements for leading customers in the commercial games and entertainment industry. A combination of superior technology and dedication to delivering industry leading support to its customers has led to the company’s technologies being used in over 500 of the best known and award-winning titles including Uncharted 3 , Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™, Uncharted: Golden Abyss™, Warhammer 40,000®: Space Marine® and L.A. Noire™.

Havok works in partnership with the world’s best known publishers, developer studios and developer teams, including Microsoft Games Studios®, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., THQ®, Ubisoft®, Rockstar, EA, Bethesda™, Insomniac, Relic, Bungie, Naughty Dog, and Guerrilla. Its cross-platform, professionally supported technology is available for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PC Games for Windows, PlayStation Vita®, Wii™, Android™, iOS, Apple Mac OS and Linux.

Havok’s products have also been used to drive special effects in movies such as Clash of the Titans, Watchmen, Quantum of Solace, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, and The Matrix. Havok has offices in Dublin, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Southern Germany and Montreal.

About NCsoft
NCsoft, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, including the critically acclaimed Aion®, Lineage®, Guild Wars® and City of Heroes® franchises. NCsoft West is a division of NCsoft that holds operating responsibilities for North America, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More information can be found at www.ncsoft.com.

About Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars® 2 is a visually stunning MMO that will offer players the epic grandeur of a massive role playing environment combined with innovative combat mechanics, dynamic events, and customised personal storytelling. Building on the success of Guild Wars, NCsoft and game developer ArenaNet™ are creating an MMO that lets gamers play the way they want, while at the same time retaining the no-subscription-fee business model that made the original Guild Wars so popular. For more information about Guild Wars 2, visit www.GuildWars2.com.