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Havok 2023.2 Released

January 31, 2024
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January 31, 2024 hkadmin

Havok SDK

2023.2 Highlights

Havok 2023.2 has been released! This includes our three main games middleware products Ai, Cloth and Physics and includes updates to our Unreal Engine Integration to bring more functionality and improved performance. Let’s look at some of the release highlights.

Ai path smoothing

Adjust optimal paths to better match the locomotion styles of a character’s animation set including adapting to minimum turning radii and incorporating desires for initial movement direction or goal approach. This makes in-game behavior more believable by preserving artistic choices for NPC gait and weight and helps make animation systems more robust.

Cloth Tool export improvements

We’ve made improvements to the Cloth export pipeline to give significantly faster processing of detailed meshes. All users should see up to 5x faster verification and preview times and for high-vertex count meshes and Autodesk Maya users should see 2-10x faster export times if using Smooth Skin Binding.

Physics performance optimizations

Physics performance optimizations We’ve made numerous optimizations for handling modifications/updates to static and keyframes bodies allow for much higher object counts to be processed at speed. This allows for denser environmental geometry and simulation of more complex animation objects without a bottleneck in sight!

For more information on the features Havok 2023.2 provides as well as requesting an evaluation, just click the button below.

Havok for Unreal Engine

2023.2 Highlights

Now let’s put a spotlight on the Havok 2023.2 Unreal Engine 5.3 Integrations. We commit to keeping our SDK and UE Integration releases in sync to make sure you’re getting the best features as soon as possible!

Havok Navigation for Unreal Engine

Havok Navigation Unreal plugin sees numerous improvements for support character navigation in 3D space such as the addition of support for Environment Query System (EQS) and World Partitions and additional to nav volume query and path prediction functionality.

Havok Cloth for Unreal Engine

Havok Cloth Unreal plugin now supports in-editor tweaking of Havok cloth parameters for faster tuning of cloth.

To help with things like cinematics, there are now easier runtime hotswapping of simulation parameters for use-cases which require dynamic updates to cloth behavior.

Havok Physics for Unreal Engine

On top of all the improvements made in the SDK our Havok Physics Unreal plugin now also supports the Tick Physics Async setting for simulation to allow decoupling of frame and step times, and more parallel execution.

In addition, numerous improvements to the Havok Physics Particle support of the Niagara particle system have made behavior more customizable and collisions more robust and stable.

For more information on the features Havok for Unreal provides as well as requesting an evaluation, just click the button below.