Custom-Made LEGO Designs Brought to Life With Award-Winning Havok Physics

Havok Physics powers innovative LEGO® Digital Designer software under new licensing agreement

San Francisco, CA (August 20, 2009) – Havok, the Emmy award winning Irish technology company, has signed a new licensing agreement with global toy manufacturer LEGO System A/S. Under the terms of the deal, Havok’s industry leading Physics product will power the LEGO ® Digital Designer, an innovative download facility on the Web site where enthusiasts of LEGO bricks can unleash their imaginations to create custom built LEGO designs.

Fans of the iconic building bricks can make vehicles, buildings and robots from scratch, using the LEGO Digital Designer to choose size, colours and other design concepts for their creations. Users can add LEGO minifigures and finishing touches to their constructions and preview their finished products online Prior to purchasing their customized set at, users are able to custom design their own packaging.

The Havok Physics SDK will be used to power realistic visual effects in all animations on the LEGO Digital Designer download.

David O’Meara, Managing Director, Havok, says: “LEGO System A/S, like Havok, are industry leaders delivering a world class product and we’re looking forward to working with the LEGO® team. With Havok Physics powering the LEGO Digital Designer, users can bring their creative ideas for custom made LEGO designs to life, enjoying greater levels of interactivity and realism as they navigate the various stages of the design process.”

Torben Nielsen, 3D Software Director, Business Development, LEGO System A/S, says: “LEGO ® Digital Designer opens up a digital world of possibilities for the creative child in us all. Havok Physics helps us scale that world up to unprecedented levels by enabling the creation and manipulation of ever-more sophisticated LEGO designs.”

Havok uses a combination of next generation physics, animation and tools to reach new standards of realism and interactivity in gaming technology and essentially turn their customers’ creative aspirations into technical realities.

Havok’s physics software is featured in over 200 triple A games available on store shelves today. With well over 90 games currently in development for release this year, use of Havok’s ubiquitous software is up 100% for the same period last year. Best-selling titles featuring Havok physics include Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero III, BioShock, World in Conflict, Half Life 2: The Orange Box and Heavenly Sword.

Other Havok products include Havok Cloth™, a new tool used for animating the behaviour of character garments and environmental cloth, and Havok Destruction™, which gives the game artist total control over the simulation of destructible game objects such as shattering glass and splintering wood.

Havok launched their sixth product at the recent Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. The new product, called Havok AI™, provides developers with unique solutions to perform pathfinding and advanced character interaction in highly dynamic game environments. Havok AI™ allows characters to predict the movement of obstacles and adapt accordingly, moving plausibly through the complex and often congested situations that arise when environments become dynamic.

Following the E3 Expo 2009, six game titles created using Havok’s award winning technology achieved a total of 26 nominations across 15 categories in the prestigious Game Critic Awards, acknowledging several of the best games of the year run on acclaimed Havok software.

At the 2008 BAFTA Video Game Awards in London in March, games created using Havok’s award winning technology were chosen as the winners in six categories. 10 Havok powered titles received nominations in 12 of the 14 categories.

Recently, Havok was awarded a prestigious Game Developer Front Line Award for their industry leading middleware product Havok Physics. US based magazine Game Developer is the leading publication for the worldwide gaming industry and their annual Front Line Awards acknowledge technology companies and products which drive innovation and efficiency in creating state-of-the-art gameplay. Winning a Front Line Award is a significant accolade, as winners are chosen by their peers in the global game developer community.

Under the management of Havok’s Managing Director, David O’Meara, the company also won an Emmy award from the US National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences at a glittering ceremony in Las Vegas last year. The company was honoured with the award for their work on pioneering physics engines which makes games more realistic than ever before.