Havok Cloth

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – Konami

Create Ultra-Believable Cloth Simulation

Havok® Cloth is a performance-optimized development tool for creating believable simulation of cloth, hair, foliage and other soft body objects.
Artist-Driven Control of Cloth Behaviors

For easy control of cloth properties such as stretching, damping, bending, and resistance to air.

High-Performance Simulation

Multithreaded and platform-optimized for fast and efficient cloth simulation.

Landscape Collision Detection

Highly optimized, memory efficient and robust solution to collide cloth with arbitrary triangle meshes.

Modeler-Based Set-up Tools

To allow artists to quickly and easily animate believable behaviors of character garments and environmental cloth.

Havok Cloth is fully multi-threaded and cross-platform optimized for leading game platforms including, Xbox One®, Playstation® 4, Nintendo Switch, PC Games for Windows, SteamOS, Apple Mac OS and Linux.