March 2nd, 2020

Havok Physics for Unity now available

Havok is pleased to announce that as of January 10th 2020, Havok Physics for Unity is available for download from the Unity Package Manager. See the Quick Start Guide for details on how to get up and running. This package is available for free for Personal and Plus users. If you’re a Pro user, you can purchase a monthly development subscription for $20 per month from the Unity Asset Store. Please note that the licensing and distribution model of Havok Physics for Unity is owned and managed entirely by Microsoft (Havok) and not Unity.

This package brings the power of Havok Physics to Unity through a close partnership with the Unity engineering team. This is a first-class integration for DOTS-based projects sharing the same data model used by Unity Physics, meaning seamlessly select between simulating your scene using Unity Physics or Havok Physics, without needing to re-author your assets.

Havok Physics offers the following:  

  • Caching system provides stability and high performance for complex scenarios such as stacks of dynamic rigid bodies; systems of rigid bodies constrained together; fast-moving rigid bodies; and scenes with lots of dynamic rigid bodies.  
  • Inter-operable and data-compatible with Unity Physics.
  • The Havok Visual Debugger tool for detailed analysis.

March 19th, 2019

Havok announces partnership with Google’s Stadia

Google Stadia logo

At the Google GDC Gaming announcement earlier today, Google revealed Google Stadia a new and exciting game development platform. Havok technology is a core part of the AAA game development ecosystem and Havok and Google have announced a long term partnership which guarantees support for Havok technology on the new platform.  

March 18th, 2019

Havok announces partnership with Unity

Havok and Unity partnership

Today we announced a partnership with Unity that gives us an opportunity to integrate our physics solution into the Unity ecosystem. At Unity’s keynote today Oliver Strunk presented the collaboration with Unity’s CTO, Joachim Ante (see here). 

Havok is already the industry-leading physics engine that powers over half of the top titles in this console generation, but our mission is to put Havok technology into the hands of as many developers as possible. This partnership gives us a unique opportunity to not only collaborate with Unity from an engineering perspective but also to gain valuable feedback from the diverse expertise of their community.  

For more details on the technology we’re creating with Unity please see here

March 17th, 2019

2019 Product Roadmap at GDC

Havok Roadmap

At the 2019 Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, the Havok team is presenting our 2019 product roadmap. Performance remains our top priority and for Havok Physics we are demonstrating improvements to core algorithms like broadphase queries as well as multithreading improvements. Havok Cloth, used in titles like Marvel’s Spider–man, is demonstrating examples of advanced cloth features like layered clothing and usability improvements for the Havok Cloth Setup Tool. For Havok AI we are presenting our new navigation mesh generation pipeline. This has been rebuilt from scratch to improve numerical accuracy and Ben Sunshine–Hill will present details in his talk: Math for Game Developers: Generating and using Navigation Meshes