Meet The Havok® Team

Havok has always been proud to have attracted some of the smartest folks in the business. Our recruitment process is rigorous, but ensures we hire the very best. All of the original team is still here guiding development, and the in-house expertise we possess is second to none.


Dag Frommhold

Meet Dag. Dag has been with the company for a number of years and works on graphics and engine development from our Germany office.


Meet Tom. Tom is based in Dublin on the Dev-Ops team. He works on build/release, continuous integration and internal systems development.

Oliver Strunk

Meet Oliver. Oliver has been with Havok for a number of years and is based in Germany. Oliver works primarily on research and development for new Havok technology.


Meet Joel. Joel has worked closely with Havok customers in North America integrating Havok technology into their games.


Meet Hyungmin. Based in our San Francisco Office, Hyungmin works very closely with our customers in the Korean Game market.

Kohei Nagasawa

Meet Kohei. Kohei is based in the Dublin office. Kohei works very closely with Japan’s biggest game studios to help integrate and support Havok technology in their games.


Meet Pascal. Pascal works in our Germany office as a Developer Relations Engineer.

Joe Tian

Meet George. George is based in our SanFrancisco. He works closely with our Chinese customers as Developer Relations Engineer. 


Meet Guy. Guy works on our Physics products and is based in our San Francisco office. Guy has previously also worked on the Developer Relations team.


Meet Luis. Luis works in our Dublin office developing Havok Physics. Luis is originally from Madrid and relocated to Ireland in 2010.

Malcolm Tyrrell2-HiRes

Meet Malcolm. Malcolm currently works on the Infrastructure Team in our Dublin office. He has previously worked on Havok Physics.


Meet Marc. Marc is a developer in our Germany office specializing in graphics, rendering and engine development.


Meet Chris. Chris works in the Developer Relations team in the San Francisco office, and spends most of his time working closely with the biggest game studios in North America.