Solutions for Moderate Budgets

Havok Strike Program

Boundless opportunities for small and moderate budgets

At Havok, we understand the changing needs of the game development community and want to encourage you to push the game-play experience to the limits, regardless of your budget. Havok’s Strike Program offers an innovative way to execute your creative visions with Havok’s technologies, while minimizing the overall risk and high cost associated with internal creation of the tools and technologies required to power today’s video and PC games.

Budget-based Licensing:

Havok’s Strike Program provides special licensing for small to moderate budgets that allows access to Havok’s technologies and support at a reduced cost.

 To learn more about our budget-based licensing programs, contact Havok Sales, or click on the button below:


Free Binary-Only PC Download of Havok Physics & Havok Animation

Havok’s Intel® sponsored free binary-only PC download includes all of the standard features and functionality of the Havok Physics and Havok Animation SDKs and can be used during development to evaluate, prototype, and even commercially release any PC game. PC titles sold for a retail value of $10.00 USD or more require a zero cost license to be executed.

Download Includes:

  • Access to Havok Physics and Havok Animation technologies and Havok’s Content Tools for preparation and export of physical assets and characters directly from the most recent versions of Autodesk ®Maya®, Autodesk®3ds Max®, and Autodesk® XSI®
  • SDK libraries, samples, and technical documentation for software developers
  • Community support through developer forum
  • Platforms support for PC Win32

Upgrades for additional source code access, and full Havok Support are available. Contact Sales to learn more.