Solutions for MMO Developers

Havok arms MMO developers with powerful tools for prototyping and streamlined development such as dynamic time of day, lighting and shadows, forward and deferred rendering, a powerful animation system, as well as samples for character customization and other popular MMO features. Havok technologies has powered many popular MMO titles including Rift, DC Universe Online, Guild Wars 2, and the upcoming Syfy Network MMO Defiance. 

A Full Game Engine for Start-to-Finish Development

Havok Vision Engine is a powerful and versatile multi-platform game engine capable of rendering extremely complex scenes at smooth framerates. With the full integration of RakNet as Havok Vision Engine's network engine, networking is fully supported out of the box, with built-in and custom game object properties that can be conveniently synchronized. Havok Vision Engine also has full integration with a suite of other Havok middleware, including Havok Physics for robust collision detection and physical simulation, Havok Behavior for game character development, Havok Cloth for believable garments, flesh, foliage and hair, and Havok Destruction for dynamic destruction and deformation of structures and objects.

Efficient Path Finding and Path Following for Dynamic Game Environments

Havok AI is designed to enable efficient nav mesh generation, pathfinding and path following, and has been optimized to support the most complex and dynamic large-scale environments. Streaming and stitching can connect even larger environments together, and instancing support helps keep a smooth experience for players.

Professional Grade Scripting

Havok Script is the smallest and fastest Lua compatible Virtual Machine designed for console development. With a combination of a faster VM, detailed profiling, and language extensions Havok Script provides significant performance improvements over standard Lua.

Create Dynamic Characters

Havok Animation Studio is a state-of-the-art animation system built for high quality game character development. Its intuitive graphical authoring allows designers to rapidly prototype their characters and incrementally refines them with fast simple iterations. Under the hood its platform-optimized runtime delivers industry leading performance. Designers can create dynamic characters that move fluidly, while taking advantage of comprehensive animation compression techniques allowing storage of high quality animation assets while significantly reducing memory footprint. Other features include Inverse Kinematics, and out-of-the-box integration with Havok Physics for ragdoll driving and blending.

Industry-Leading Support

Dedicated world-wide support to proactively manage the success of your project and help ensure your team gets the most out of Havok’s technologies.