Havok Script

Call of Duty: Ghosts- Activision

Lightning Fast Scripting for Console Development

Havok® Script is one of the smallest, fastest Lua compatible Virtual Machines on the market designed for console game development that includes an integrated environment for Microsoft Visual Studio, stand-alone debugger and on-target profiler.

Complete Lua Compatibility

Havok Script is a drop-in replacement for Lua’s VM for easy integration into your game engine.

High Speed

Havok Script delivers speed increases in most scenarios over Lua, enabling developers to do more in less time.

Two-way Debugging

Microsoft Visual Studio® plugin allows developers to step seamlessly from Lua > C++ > Lua.

Interactive Profiling Tool

To enable fine-grained Lua performance analysis and give full visibility into exactly where memory is being used.

Havok Script™ is cross-platform optimized for leading game platforms including, Xbox One®, Xbox 360™ , PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PC Games for Windows, PlayStation Vita®, Wii U™, Windows 8, Android™, iOS, Apple Mac OS and Linux.