Havok Vision Engine

Havok Vision Engine is a cross-platform game engine that provides a powerful and versatile multi-platform runtime technology ideally suited for all types of games and capable of rendering extremely complex scenes at smooth frame rates. Providing a well-designed, clean and object-oriented C++ API, the technology includes a variety of features to help developers break through technical barriers, opening up a wide range of possibilities for game development.

 Large, Customizable Feature Set

Create your own rendering pipeline, integrate the physics system of your choice, or write your own animation code

High-Performance and Stability

Allows highly detailed, realistic scenes to be rendered with maximum visual fidelity

Engine Extensibility

The SDK ships with many plug-ins that can easily be customized and extended

Customizable Streaming

Powerful, customizable streaming ideal for vast, yet highly detailed landscapes and large indoor/outdoor environments


Havok Vision Engine is multi-threaded and optimized for Windows (DX 9, DX 11), Windows 8, Xbox360®, PlayStation®3, Nintendo Wii™, Wii U™, PlayStation Vita®, iOS and Android. It is also an ideal solution for online distribution via XBLA™, PSN™, and WiiWare™.



Additional Features:

  • Out-of-the-box features such as lights and shadows, radiosity, animations, normal maps, particles, and post-processing are right at your fingertips

  • Ships complete with source code, the default rendering pipeline serves as an ideal starting point for your game project, providing an extensive set of fully integrated features

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Havok Physics, Havok AI, Havok Behavior, Havok Cloth, and Havok Destruction

  • Uses a combination of efficient visibility culling and streaming techniques - including hardware occlusion query, portals, and quadtrees/octrees - to achieve consistently high frame rates

  • 3ds Max/Maya Exporters that can export both static geometry and animated characters, including skeletal animations, vertex animations, and morph targets

  • A Remote Script Debugger also includes a powerful script profiler, allowing developers to quickly analyze the performance of LUA script code

  • Runtime profiling framework for resource management allows performance bottlenecks to be identified and removed, while unused resources can be automatically purged and recreated

  • Integrated with the Antutu 3D Benchmark Suite for accurately gauging performance across a variety of current and future hardware