Havok Destruction

Destroy Things in Ways You’ve Never Imagined

Havok Destruction is a toolset and runtime SDK designed for game artists for creating destructible assets and worlds, adding a new dimension to structural mechanics, visual effects and game level design.

Integration with Any Pipeline

Allows you to quickly fracture your meshes and then use them in the game

 Destroy Buildings with Ease

For easy destruction of complex structures and special effects to create realistic break points and damage

Object Deformation Tools

Preview the in-modeller changes into the preview-tool, before actually testing it in-game, for faster feedback

Complete Destruction Solution

Quickly author fracture parts, load fracture assets in-game and simulate at runtime




  • Out-of-the-box runtime solution fully integrated with Havok™ Physics for dynamic visual effects Improves graphical complexity by adding debris objects without drastically increasing the memory footprint
  • Drastically reduces production time and cost of creating large numbers of interactive destructible game objects.
  • Havok Destruction is cross-platform optimized for leading game platforms including, Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PC Games for Windows, PlayStation Vita®, Wii™, Wii U™, Windows 8, Android™, iOS, Apple Mac OS and Linux.