Havok® Product Overview

Havok’s modular suite of tools and technologies put power in the hands of creators, making sure they can reach new standards of believability and interactivity, while mitigating the overall cost and risks associated with creating today’s leading video games and movies.

Fully multithreaded and cross-platform optimized, Havok’s technologies offer full support for leading game platforms including Xbox One®, the Xbox 360®, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3, PlayStation Vita®, Wii U, Android™, iOS, Windows® Phone, Windows®, Apple Mac OS and Linux. Other platforms may be available on request.

Havok Physics

Havok Physics™

Havok Physics offers the fastest, most robust collision detection and physical simulation technology available, which is why it has become the gold standard within the games industry and has been used by leading game developers in over 400 launched titles and many more in development.

Havok Destruction™

Havok Destruction is the cross-platform tool for simulation of rigid body destruction. Destruction gives the game artist total control over the simulation, drastically reducing the production time and cost of creating large numbers of believable destructible game objects. Havok Destruction can create a completely new gameplay experience by giving additional believability to structural mechanics, graphical effects, and game level design.

Havok FX™

Havok FX is a flexible effects solution for high performance particle physics and debris simulation systems.

Havok Cloth™

Havok Cloth is a platform-optimized runtime and toolset that dramatically increases the believability of game characters and environments. It allows character designers to go beyond simplistic, tight-fitting or hand-animated clothing, and to add believable, physically-based motion to garments like skirts, capes, shirts, trousers, and coats as well as other deformable items like hair, bellies, tails, flags, banners, curtains, and foliage. Havok Cloth is easily customizable and fits into today’s workflow without burdening artists, animators or programmers.

Havok AI™

Havok AI provides developers with an optimized cross-platform SDK to perform navigation mesh generation, adaptive pathfinding and path following for highly dynamic and destructible game environments. Havok AI is a navigation system designed for dynamic environment with physics and animation in mind. In addition to the core set of services such as ultra-fast navigation mesh generation, Havok AI provides a wide set of tools to support a wider range of game genres. Havok AI includes features such as navigation volumes, wall climbing support, streaming support, traversal analysis, dynamic cutting and many useful gameplay oriented features.

Havok Animation Studio™

Havok Animation Studio is a system for authoring complex hi-fidelity character animation. Havok Animation Studio includes an intuitive composition tool for artists and designers, and a run-time SDK for game programmers. Also included is the Havok Animation SDK and toolset, that provides a wide range of optimized runtime animation features such state-of-the-art compression of animation data, pose retargeting, inverse kinematics, and out-of-the-box integration with Havok Physics Together, the composition tool and SDK provide “what you see is what you get” results, accelerating development of cutting edge character performances for leading game titles.

Havok Vision Engine®

The Havok Vision Game Engine provides a powerful tool suite and versatile multi-platform runtime technology ideally suited for all types of games. Providing a extensible tool chain and well-designed, modular C++ API, the technology includes a variety of features to help you break through technical barriers, opening up a range of possibilities for game development.

Havok Script™

Havok Script is a Lua compatible Virtual Machine designed for console game development. Havok Script is significantly faster than standard Lua and through a combination of internal optimizations and use of the Havok Script profiler, customers typically achieve a 2x speed improvement. Havok Script ships with Havok Script Studio, an integrated environment for Microsoft Visual Studio® and on-target profiler.

Havok Professional Services

Havok offers a wide range of onsite professional services for those times when an issue becomes critical, a deadline is approaching quickly, or you simply want to ensure that your Havok integration is optimal.