Havok AI

Halo: Spartan Strike – Microsoft Game Studios

Help Your Characters Find Their Way

 Havok® AI is a runtime SDK for programmers and designers to create efficient pathfinding, path following and navigation mesh generation for highly dynamic environments.
 Full Featured Pathfinding Solution

Multithreaded and optimized to support dynamically changing nav meshes; flying, swimming and wall climbing.

High Speed Automatic NavMesh Generation

For creation of clean and optimized navigation meshes for typical game levels in seconds.

Streaming and Instancing

Allows creation of independent nav meshes and the ability to dynamically stitch them at runtime.

Efficient Character Steering

Out-of-the-box path following module controls individual character motions even in congested crowd scenes.


Havok AI™ is fully multi-threaded and cross-platform optimized for leading game platforms including, Xbox One®, Playstation® 4, Nintendo Wii, PC Games for Windows, SteamOS, Apple Mac OS and Linux.